Day 47: Hello Sydney

Last night was my turn to be sick. Dan was getting better slowly. By the time the morning came we were tired and dehydrated but able to hold water and a little food down. So we decided to head out.

We had two options, we could stay at Bargo or we’d have to make up the whole distance we dropped yesterday and make it to Campbelltown. There is no where to stay in between a 56km and 93km day here. I was doubtful we’d be in good enough shape to make Campbelltown, so I had alternate plans for the next few days.

We set out of Bundanoon after getting some hydrolite. It was nice riding through the Southern Highlands with small towns so close together. It was such a contrast to the long distances between towns we’d often had. Plus this was green and hilly. But not too hilly for a cyclist.

By the time we were in Bowral we felt ok. We’d been riding slowly. There were no attempts to break a speed record today. We stopped and had a good long lunch. We both agreed Campbelltown it was. We had the time to just sit and spin our way there slowly.

We pasted areas that were in the recent bush fires. I had another flat from unavoidable glass spread across the whole shoulder. We also rode our 4,000th KM. What an effort. We cycled past the “Welcome to Sydney” sign. I’ll admit there must have been some dust from a truck in the air as my eyes got watery as we congratulated each other and begun to realise the enormity of what we have been through.