Day 15: Hot to Madura

We are now resting in Madura, an oasis along our route. Yesterday we headed into Madura in time to watch the AFL grand final. It was a hot with cross on winds.


The last two days we have seen lots of animals. First was an lonesome emu who decided to run alongside us while we rode. Then we started to see the Wedge Tailed Eagles. These massive birds were spectacular to see in flight and up quite close at times.

We saw some lizards, most of them road kill but one live in the middle of road showed us some attitude.

We spotted a couple of emus and stopped to take a closer look. They had a full nest of 8 baby emu chicks with them. We spent some time watching and taking what photos we could.

The night before last we pulled into a campsite with other campers there. We were both given dinner a cold beer and met some new friends. More trail angels.

The weather is hot for a couple of days so we are going to have a zero day here at Madura today. Hopefully tomorrow the temperature will stay below 36C and we’ll get some more favorable winds to head on towards the border.

We’ve been riding for 11 days straight now making some ground East. We’ve ridden 1,063km since our last rest day. We gone far enough to cross a time zone.

Day 13: A tough day on the Nullarbor

We’re both zoning out at Caiguna roadhouse eating dinner after our toughest day yet. We are 132km from our camp last night on Australia’s straightest road.

Today started with cross on winds which kept us going slowly. We planned our breaks every 20ks to give us something to look forward it. It got up to 31c.

Dan rode well today. A good attitude and enough determination to get through the hard bits. This is why I think he can do this ride. He dug in, complained a little, but rode 132ks into the wind on a hot day through a very arid and exposed landscape.


We’re now 1,158km into our trip. Our daily average (including rest days) is 89.1km. We’ve been riding for 12 days with one day rest. To finish in 6 weeks we need to ride 98k per day for the rest of the trip. In the last 3 days we’ve ridden 375km.

Thanks for everyone’s comments and well wishes. It is certainly encouraging.

Time for bed 😉

On the Nullarbor at last

So much of our trip preparation was getting ready for the Nullarbor. The iconic bit of bitumen goes for about 1,200km. It is supposed to be flat, however our first day had a few hills. We spent the day going up and down gentle hills. The ones you won’t notice when you’re in a car but when you’re pushing a bike with enough supples to camp for 2 weeks and 20 litres of water you quickly notice the speed drop. We climbed to about 500m above sea level, pushed along most of the day by the wind. Gusty cross winds kept us on edge as my bike now handles like a road train.

The stars out here are amazing. They remind me of the stars I saw growing up, which I now miss living on the Coast. The clouds cleared nicely at the end of the day so we could do some star gazing before bedtime.

Up early we’ve headed 60ks to Balladonia roadhouse for brunch. We saw the last parts of the American Skylab that crashed to earth near here. Now back on the bikes to another bush camp. We bought 10 litres of water for $13.50 to keep me slow up any hill. It was nice to connect with home and hear Dan’s in the local paper today. This afternoon we’ll ride our 1,000km and be 1/4 of the way home.


Day 2. Mundaring to Northam

Today saw more hills than yesterday. Lots of climbing and descending with a heavy bike. We’re definitely away from Perth now.

920m elevation

A chocolate milk, snickers, banana, BBQ chook, croissants, rice crackers, muesli bar and a few other food items later.