7 Weeks Cycling in the Eyes of a 10 Year Old

I wanted to ride across Australia so we could raise money for Elim Kids, so I could break the record of the youngest person to ride from Perth to Sydney (Terrigal) and for a big adventure.

Then we prepared for the trip and packed our panniers and our bikes. We packed our clothes, food, general gear and camping gear into our panniers. I felt nervous, excited and happy. Then we left for the airport. Once we got to the airport, we said good bye to mum and my little brother Will, then we left.

It was a long, 4 1/2 hour trip to Perth. Once we got to Perth, we met Dad’s friend Marty. We went to his house for the night and built our bikes. The next morning it was rainy and we collected water from the Indian Ocean to put into the Pacific Ocean when we completed our journey.

Then we rode a long 70 km out of Perth. We stayed at a motel for the night. The motel was called the travellers motel. I felt cold and horrible that night. We woke up the next morning and I felt better and ready to keep riding. Within the next few days we made it to Coolgardie in time for a fair. Then we made our way down to Norseman to start the Nullarbor. Just 30 km from Norseman, we realized I had lost 3 out of 5 chain ring bolts. If we lost another one, I wouldn’t be able to ride my bike and we would have to walk into Norseman. Once we got into Norseman a caravaner was nice enough to give me one chain ring bolt so we could start the Nullarbor the next day.

We rode the Nullarbor from Norseman to Ceduna in 11 days.  I had my birthday about halfway through the Nullarbor crossing. Coming into Mundrabilla that day, we rode 116 km in 3 hours and 16 minutes. I got a free chocolate and honeycomb sundae.  After Mundrabilla, it got tougher because of the heat and flies. When we got to Ceduna, we spent a rest day there. During the rest day we went down to the Ceduna Oyster Fest.

During the next week we made our way to Port Augusta, SA and Mildura, VIC. Coming into Port Augusta, I wanted to quit because of the hot weather and the flies. Over the next few days I decided to keep going on because I thought the trip was important. As we came into Mildura, I had a stack. We had a rest day at Mildura, we cleaned our bikes at the bike shop there called Bicycle Center. I got new sunnies there. After Mildura we went through Hay, Darlington Point, Wagga Wagga, Gundegai, Yass, Goulburn, Bundanoon and Campbelltown. Sydney at last. Then we made our way to Terrigal for the finish. We spent our last night at Brooklyn. The next day we rode with friends from the CCCC up to Terrigal for the finish. The finish was exciting. My friends and family were waiting for me at the finish line and rode a victory lap with me around Terrigal Haven. After my victory lap, we walked down to the water and poured the water we had collected from the Indian Ocean into the Pacific Ocean. Our journey was finally complete after a long 7 weeks of riding.

Dan on SBS World News

This morning, the first day after his ride across Australia, Daniel turned up in the kitchen dressed in his cycling gear ready to go for a ride. But today it was an easy ride of 16kms to church and back with the others in the family.

Watch the great SBS news story by Chris Roe.

Daniel Mallinson becomes the youngest to cycle across Australia

20131102-222943.jpgWhat an awesome finish to a great trip. We were met by friends at Brooklyn who rode with us to Terrigal where we were cheered on by family and friends.

We completed the 4,204km trip in 50 days. Daniel is 10 years and 33 days old, beating the previous record by 5 years!

A huge thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged us. Especially thanks to my wife Carrie and our other 3 children who are real enablers. Without them this trip would not have been possible.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors Real World Technology Solutions and Hosted Continuity who have made significant donations to Elim Kids.

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation. Each cent given goes directly to help HIV children in China.

Watch the local news story

Listen to the radio interviews we did with Hope1032

Day 49: The World’s longest chocolate milk tour retrospective

We are sitting here in Brooklyn eager to head out on our last ride tomorrow. We can’t wait to ride with a bunch of friends including those from our club.

Tomorrow Daniel will become the youngest person to cycle across Australia riding his Specialized Amira from Cottesloe Beach in Perth on the Indian Ocean to Terrigal Haven on the Pacific Ocean. It’s been a great trip with too much to express in my short time before I try and sleep (keep an eye out for a book later). So in this post we wanted to share some of our favourite photos with you.

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  • Or the entertainment
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We still have a few pictures we want to add tomorrow to make this story complete.



















Day 48: Through the suburbs

Today Dan woke early and was keen to get riding. We were going to ride past the radio station Hope1032 and do another interview in person. We enjoyed our ride once we made it onto the M7 cycleway and off the busy freeways and the morning traffic.

We spoke live on air with Katrina Roe who had some Moove chocolate milk for us.

Before leaving we spoke with our local TV news station. We cycled on to Macquarie Park where we dropped in to work and caught up with some friends.

The gastro bug has returned tonight unexpectedly at dinner time. So we are taking it easy before a short day tomorrow. I’m hoping we can enjoy riding through some oft training grounds at Bobbin Head and the Old Pacific Highway.

Riding to Hope1032 for a studio interview

Bike track at last!

Today we pass by Hope1032’s studios where we’ll stop and speak with Katrina Roe. Listen online at http://www.hope1032.com.au/shows/listen-to-hope-1032/

It will be between 11am and 12pm

Daniel riding along the Hume highway. Traffic
Doesn’t bother us too much now.

Day 47: Hello Sydney

Last night was my turn to be sick. Dan was getting better slowly. By the time the morning came we were tired and dehydrated but able to hold water and a little food down. So we decided to head out.

We had two options, we could stay at Bargo or we’d have to make up the whole distance we dropped yesterday and make it to Campbelltown. There is no where to stay in between a 56km and 93km day here. I was doubtful we’d be in good enough shape to make Campbelltown, so I had alternate plans for the next few days.

We set out of Bundanoon after getting some hydrolite. It was nice riding through the Southern Highlands with small towns so close together. It was such a contrast to the long distances between towns we’d often had. Plus this was green and hilly. But not too hilly for a cyclist.

By the time we were in Bowral we felt ok. We’d been riding slowly. There were no attempts to break a speed record today. We stopped and had a good long lunch. We both agreed Campbelltown it was. We had the time to just sit and spin our way there slowly.

We pasted areas that were in the recent bush fires. I had another flat from unavoidable glass spread across the whole shoulder. We also rode our 4,000th KM. What an effort. We cycled past the “Welcome to Sydney” sign. I’ll admit there must have been some dust from a truck in the air as my eyes got watery as we congratulated each other and begun to realise the enormity of what we have been through.

Day 46: Sickness Slows Progress

We have cut today short after Daniel started vomiting at lunch time. He managed to ride another 17km to the nearest town with accommodation, Bundanoon. We are resting here at The Ravensworth (thanks to Jenny who donated tonight’s accommodation) but the vomiting continues. We are unsure at the moment how this will affect the trip. We are hoping and praying that this will be short lived and we can keep moving tomorrow. We have some room in our schedule to absorb a delay.

Today wasn’t all bad though. We had a good breakfast and cleaned our bikes this morning thanks to Peter at The Green Grocer Cycling Cafe in Goulburn. We also saw an echidna up close.


Day 45: Cruising in Capital Country

How would today go? The riding would be easy, but we had to say goodbye to our family today. They would drive with us to Gunning where we would leave the Hume after having a nice lunch with them. They stayed with us a little further up the hill before returning home.

We were now in a really nice groove with our riding. Just cruising along. We didn’t have any big days left. We can do shorter days and really enjoy the ride. We can take in the scene and choose routes that are not the fastest, but a quality bike ride.


We also met Tim in Gunning, a friend who lives in Canberra who was going to ride with us today. He drove to Goulburn and was going to ride towards as we made our way along back roads. This added a few K’s to our journey, but the countryside was beautiful and enjoyable to ride through.

We met Tim and rode into Goulburn for a milkshake at The Green Grocer, a well known bike shop here. We ended up riding 96km and climbing 1,216m, a little longer than the direct route, but very enjoyable.

Below our route for tomorrow.


We are getting close. Daniel is excited to be so close to finishing this epic ride across Australia. We are looking forward to the ride together for the finish with club members and friends.