7 Weeks Cycling in the Eyes of a 10 Year Old

I wanted to ride across Australia so we could raise money for Elim Kids, so I could break the record of the youngest person to ride from Perth to Sydney (Terrigal) and for a big adventure.

Then we prepared for the trip and packed our panniers and our bikes. We packed our clothes, food, general gear and camping gear into our panniers. I felt nervous, excited and happy. Then we left for the airport. Once we got to the airport, we said good bye to mum and my little brother Will, then we left.

It was a long, 4 1/2 hour trip to Perth. Once we got to Perth, we met Dad’s friend Marty. We went to his house for the night and built our bikes. The next morning it was rainy and we collected water from the Indian Ocean to put into the Pacific Ocean when we completed our journey.

Then we rode a long 70 km out of Perth. We stayed at a motel for the night. The motel was called the travellers motel. I felt cold and horrible that night. We woke up the next morning and I felt better and ready to keep riding. Within the next few days we made it to Coolgardie in time for a fair. Then we made our way down to Norseman to start the Nullarbor. Just 30 km from Norseman, we realized I had lost 3 out of 5 chain ring bolts. If we lost another one, I wouldn’t be able to ride my bike and we would have to walk into Norseman. Once we got into Norseman a caravaner was nice enough to give me one chain ring bolt so we could start the Nullarbor the next day.

We rode the Nullarbor from Norseman to Ceduna in 11 days.  I had my birthday about halfway through the Nullarbor crossing. Coming into Mundrabilla that day, we rode 116 km in 3 hours and 16 minutes. I got a free chocolate and honeycomb sundae.  After Mundrabilla, it got tougher because of the heat and flies. When we got to Ceduna, we spent a rest day there. During the rest day we went down to the Ceduna Oyster Fest.

During the next week we made our way to Port Augusta, SA and Mildura, VIC. Coming into Port Augusta, I wanted to quit because of the hot weather and the flies. Over the next few days I decided to keep going on because I thought the trip was important. As we came into Mildura, I had a stack. We had a rest day at Mildura, we cleaned our bikes at the bike shop there called Bicycle Center. I got new sunnies there. After Mildura we went through Hay, Darlington Point, Wagga Wagga, Gundegai, Yass, Goulburn, Bundanoon and Campbelltown. Sydney at last. Then we made our way to Terrigal for the finish. We spent our last night at Brooklyn. The next day we rode with friends from the CCCC up to Terrigal for the finish. The finish was exciting. My friends and family were waiting for me at the finish line and rode a victory lap with me around Terrigal Haven. After my victory lap, we walked down to the water and poured the water we had collected from the Indian Ocean into the Pacific Ocean. Our journey was finally complete after a long 7 weeks of riding.