Day 37: Hot in Western NSW

We knew today was going to be hot so we packed up early to ride an easy 80km to Balranald. Our minds were focused on the cold drink and ice cream we’d get as a reward for our efforts. The temperature on the GPS hit 42C (in the sun so it would read higher than the air temperature).

The day went quickly as we played games. We arrived at lunch time and had our cold drink and ice cream then we relaxed in air conditioning and watched the Australian motoGP at Philip Island.

It’s going to be hot again tomorrow. We have to ride across the Hay plains 132km so we are working out the best way to approach that.

[wpvideo kBkaI4cf]

Day 36: Into New South Wales

We are now in our home state! It feels like the trip is drawing to a close but we’ve still got a few Km and lots of hills to get over. The Great Dividing Range in fact.

Today was hot so we made out way to the next town only 80km away. It was a short and easy ride. I think how we look at distances has changed since the beginning of the trip.

We have a finish date!
After planning and working through our itinerary will be finishing at Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast around 12 noon on Saturday the 2nd November. Will hope you will be able to come and cheer Daniel in as he completes this epic journey. A ride in will be available for road cyclists and a victory lap of the Haven with kids. More details to come in the following week.

T-Shirts available
We are going to get danmallo T-Shirts printed. Cost is $30 + postage. Contact us using the contact form if you would like one. This is a limited print. We need to know orders by COB Monday 21st October.

Day 35: Day off in Mildura


We’ve spent the day restocking, refreshing and servicing the bikes. First up was a good breakfast before we found a local bike shop. I got a new mirror to replace the ones that had broken earlier on our trip along with a new pair of cycling glasses for Dan.

The owner let us use his workshop so we could give our drive chains an overdue clean and service. They should see us home now.

Day 34: Into Victoria on a very Windy day

Strong winds pummeled us as we struggled to leave Renmark. It seemed South Australia didn’t want to let us go. We rode about 20kms with strong side winds and head winds doing less than 10kph at times. But the road turned East and we enjoyed being pushed by the wind over the border.

We crossed over the border into our 3rd state and 4th time zone. We are now in the same time zone as home.

[wpvideo 85pvf6P7]

We cycled 142km and feel pretty good. We must be getting stronger. About 3/4
of the trip has been completed. We have sampled many different varieties of flavoured milk.

Mildura will serve as a resupply and rest point for us before we embark on the last leg of our journey across the continent.

We currently think we will finish at Terrigal haven on Sat 2nd of November. All are welcome to cheer Daniel in and finish the ride with him. More details will come when we are closer.

Today we saw our first road sign for Sydney, won’t be long now.


Day 33: Last night in South Australia

It can be hard to motivate yourself (and each other) to ride when it’s hot and you’ve ridden over 80ks and you’ve found a quiet little pub with a cold drink and ice cream on the Murray River.

We didn’t know the pub was there until we saw the signs a couple of K’s from it. But it was a welcome relief from the over 30C temperatures we had been riding in. Our goal was Renmark, the last town before the Eastern border of South Australia and Victoria.

We had been watching out water as we were starting to get low. Now we sat in a little oasis, Daniel drinking a local ginger beer and me a local brewed beer. We could stay the night here you know? But it was time to move on.

We have found many small hidden spots just like this one. I guess we’ll just have to come back with the rest of the family.

[wpvideo YZ8OZdEn]

Day 32: Down to the Murray River

We were yelping for joy as we cruised down the Flinders Ranger reaching 56.6kph without too much trouble. It was a good day to be out riding.

Today was another milestone, we reached one of Australia’s most important rivers, the Murray river. We were going to be following it for a couple of days now.

At Morgan we arrived early hoping to go looking for fossils. It didn’t take long and we saw whale vertebrae and then lots of shells and coral.

One more day until the border to Victoria.


Day 31: Time for the hills

[wpvideo gvtiAZvh]

Today we celebrated a number of changes in our journey.

  1. We left the main national Highway 1 for some back roads
  2. We left the arid lands we’ve been traveling through for so long
  3. We left the flat roads and stared crossing the Southern Flinders Range

We’re now heading Easterly again. Today was a fun day riding, and really surmised the adventure we are on. New places, time riding together and an adventure all while working to achieve an epic goal.

We had hills all day long as we rode 92km through some very small country towns. The scenery was beautiful. Perhaps we hadn’t realised just how much we’d missed farms and green.

Our distances are more determine by where the towns are now. We saw lots of wheat fields covering all the hills. We also had our first flat tire of the trip. Pretty good after 2,588km.


Midnight Oil fans – we saw the old ruined house that the band has made famous.


Day 30: Crazy winds are blowing us off the road

[wpvideo spd4H8iJ]

We headed out today expecting some head winds, but we got more than we expected. There were quite a few storm cells coming though. We got wet shortly after leaving Port Germein.

We stopped 20K’s down the road to watch the radar. Just happens it was a smoked fish and all sorts of home made goodies place. We had some whiting for lunch then got some smoked Tuna for dinner and kangaroo mettwurst.

It looked like clearing up so we continued down the road. Another cell came through and the side winds were incredible. Along with the trucks passing us we decided it was too dangerous to keep riding. We hid the the lee of the bikes panniers for 20mins as the cell passed (video above).

We stopped at the next town having only ridden 46K’s today. We did get a good game of giant sized chess and are cooking up a storm now (pun intended).

A decision is ahead of us now, which way should we head To Renmark? Down the highway into more head on winds, or through the mountains?

Day 29: lazy day to a little gem of a place

Today was a lazy morning. After a sleep in we went to a cafe for breakfast. A big breakie with eggs, mushrooms, bacon, tomato…

Then we headed to the first bike shop in a couple of thousand kilometers. Geoff’s bar tape was showing signs of wear and so it was replaced. Dan’s bike gained a bike computer so he too can track our speeds and distance.

It wasn’t until 1pm we headed out of town with the wind to our backs. The temperature was now about 32C, but this didn’t seem too bad compared to some of our previous days.

Dan put a sprint on along the flat and broke his record riding at 48.50kph!

We only rode 71km to a little town on the Gulf of Spencer called Port Germein.

[wpvideo M35xfFQu]

Port Germein has the longest wooden pier in Australia. We measured it (thanks to a GPS) at 1,420m. We are staying in a cabin at the waterfront caravan park thanks to Joy from the park graciously upgrading us from an unpowered site!

Sunset was delightful.