Partner Charity

During our ride we want to raise awareness and money for the work Elim Kids does in China with HIV+ orphans.

Help us raise $1 per km. That’s $4,000 in total

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Elim Kids vision is to provide a loving home, antiviral medication and an education for orphans with HIV in China. These children are the “lowest of the low” and in an orphange are isolated from other children and forbidden to attend school or preschool.

Donations are tax deductible through GO China. You will receive a receipt via email, so please include that in your donation.

Find out more about the work of Elim Kids on Facebook or their website.

42 Replies to “Partner Charity”

  1. Hi Daniel We enjoyed the photos and the videos. What time do you start cycling and stop cycling everyday?Was it hard trying to avoid the road trains? Be careful and look forward to tomorrows message. Your friend from 3/4R

    1. Hi 3/4R, we start between 8 and 9 o’clock and stop between 4 and 5 o’clock. Road trains are dangerous when you get to close, but aren’t scary and are easy to get out of there way. The shoulder is gravel, so we only go on the shoulder when we have to. Yesterday we saw 16 road trains! We are posting a video today.


  2. Hi Daniel, this is Emma Gulliksen from school. We had Pirate Day at school today – you would have really liked it. I hope you stay safe while you are riding across Australia. Bye

  3. Hi Daniel How are you going ?. 3/4R miss you .This is the last day of term 3. Year 3 are going swimming. We will play board games. Year 3 have a sausage sizzle today. Talk to you soon!

  4. Hey Dan Pirate Day was really good and i loved it me and Emma.C won it and i hope you were there bye the way me and 3/4R loved your party so much. I hope your having a good time now so we miss you so much and stay salf bye.

  5. Hey its Ryan Pirate Day was really good and you would of loved it so much it was really fun.The Sausage Sizzle was not on today it was wired Me and Emma.C won the Pirate Day so you would of had so much fun but some people who wrote stuff on the Website wrote bad stuff and Zmaya did to. Bye miss you have a great time From your mate Ryan.

  6. Hi Daniel its Hayley from 3/4R hope you are having a great time. What has the weather been like for the past week? Are you a bit sore on the back and legs? We have been on holidays and it has been a really fun holiday for me but not so well at the start of holidays. Well bye Daniel and see you in a couple more weeks and I will try to get back to you bye.

  7. Hi Dan its Hayley
    Its nearly term 4 and I can’t wait to do some work around here. Today it was pouring with rain. Then there was some thunder and then hailing. It almost sounds like my name Hayley. Well bye and can you try to get back to me. See you in a few weeks.

  8. Dainel everyone from 34R has been missing you so much your a nice boy thats why you have lots of friend like Me Toby Ben and everyone and Tyson.We all miss you Stay safe and when are you comeing back? Bye from Rhino that means Ryan just to tell you bye.

  9. Hi Daniel How are You Feeling The Holidays Have Gone So Fast! The Firt Day Was Great (Not Really) It was very tiring but fun Ya Tired Yet From Ya Best BUDDY!!!

    James Grant. 🙂

  10. Hey Daniel this is Ryan.What day are you comeing back because there is a disco comeing up and everyone wants you to go and there is sushi and burgers that are really yummy so i looked at the map where you are and i was going to donate but i dont have PayPal so i wont let me im going for a swim now with Paris so Bye.
    By Ryan. 🙂

  11. Hi Dan & Geoff, We met you at the roadside stall just out of Mildura this morning. We are friends of your parents Geoff, from Port Macquarie. We are in absolute amazement at this epic journey you are endeavouring Dan. We are doing it in the luxury of our Land Cruiser and caravan. Have been reading your blog and agree wholeheartedly about the rain, wind and weather you have encountered. YOU ARE A LEGEND! We have sent an email & your photo out to all our friends and so hope you receive lots of donations for that very important Orphanage in China that you are helping. We emailed Rod & Dawn at lunch time and have received a reply from them. God bless you both, Rae & John Layton Port Macquarie.

    1. Hi Rae & John,

      It was good meeting you. We got some avocados from the stall which were pretty yummy.

      Thanks for your encouragement. Daniel has done an amazing job so far. It’s nice to have the end in sight now.


  12. Hi DANTHEBIKEBOY the time capsule opening was 2 days ago. Boring!!!
    A truck crashed into the school the other day why the heck aren’t you answering me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙁 :/ :0 :l looking forward to see ya i miss you allot!!!!!!!!!!

    from (one of) your best buddies James

    (oh and Jason says “Hi I miss you.”)

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