Day 49: The World’s longest chocolate milk tour retrospective

We are sitting here in Brooklyn eager to head out on our last ride tomorrow. We can’t wait to ride with a bunch of friends including those from our club.

Tomorrow Daniel will become the youngest person to cycle across Australia riding his Specialized Amira from Cottesloe Beach in Perth on the Indian Ocean to Terrigal Haven on the Pacific Ocean. It’s been a great trip with too much to express in my short time before I try and sleep (keep an eye out for a book later). So in this post we wanted to share some of our favourite photos with you.

  • If you have enjoyed following our story
  • Or been inspired by what a 10 year kid can do
  • Or been challenged to get out and ride or do some exercise
  • Or spend more time with your kids
  • Or just laughed at the craziness
  • Or the entertainment
  • Or learnt more about others in this world who need our help

PLEASE consider giving to ELIM Kids.

We still have a few pictures we want to add tomorrow to make this story complete.



















Our numbers, time to give

To all those who doubted a 10 year old could ride across the Nullarbor or Australia I think Dan has shown us all how remarkable a kid can be. How much they can do when given a chance to do something epic.

He’s put in a lot of work now showing us commitment and determination. Now its your turn. You can help by donating to our charity who look after kids even the Chinese orphanages often don’t want. Kids with no hope for life until someone steps in and gives them a chance to live, be educated and be part of a family.


All donations are tax deductible. Please consider giving, even if its only $20.

Why we support ELIM Kids
ELIM kids is run by Geoff’s sister and brother-in-law. They are both doctors who saw first hand the need for HIV care for orphans when they were working in China. Their approach is wholistic not just giving the child medication, but putting them in families and working with the community.

All of your donation goes directly to the work with children. This is truly a grass roots organisation with no marketing budget.

Why should you care about kids in another country? If you don’t who will. All it takes is sacrificing one lunch, or a couple of coffees this week and you can make a difference.

Not only is Geoff’s sister involved but Daniel’s cousin was rescued from a Chinese orphanage when they were thinking about leaving her in the storage room until she was no longer a problem. Fortunately she was discovered and treated and now is a healthy girl who loves fairies and dress-ups.

Raising money for HIV+ children in China

There are an estimated 100,000 children in China with HIV. Often outcasts to society they are left in orphanages and isolated in closed rooms resembling more of a cell than a place for a child to grow up.

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The HIV virus is poorly understood and drives fear among China. The World Health Organization and Chinese government pay for medicine to treat the virus, but like modern day lepers these children have no chance of living productive and happy lives.

How do they get HIV?
Some of the children get HIV through their parents who have contracted the virus by giving blood and then receiving unscreened blood back. These are often from the poorest villages.

Can they go to school?
In some provinces before going to preschool children are screened. Any child with HIV is not allowed to go to school.

What is their chance of living a normal life?
With advances in medicine someone with HIV can live a long life and be a productive member of society. However these children are not given this opportunity.

Are they contagious?
You can only catch the virus by sharing bodily fluids such as blood. An HIV positive child could play safely alongside your kid sharing toys without any concern.

What does Elim Kids Do?
The main focus of Elim Kids is to find a caring home where these children can grow up. Some have been adopted into Western families and some live with Chinese families. They can then receive education and begin a more normal life.

The doctors at Elim help with education about HIV in communities to help diminish the stigma.

Alongside other help practical help is provided to caregivers.

All donations go directly to the work with children. They are tax deductible.

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