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This morning, the first day after his ride across Australia, Daniel turned up in the kitchen dressed in his cycling gear ready to go for a ride. But today it was an easy ride of 16kms to church and back with the others in the family.

Watch the great SBS news story by Chris Roe.

Daniel Mallinson becomes the youngest to cycle across Australia

20131102-222943.jpgWhat an awesome finish to a great trip. We were met by friends at Brooklyn who rode with us to Terrigal where we were cheered on by family and friends.

We completed the 4,204km trip in 50 days. Daniel is 10 years and 33 days old, beating the previous record by 5 years!

A huge thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged us. Especially thanks to my wife Carrie and our other 3 children who are real enablers. Without them this trip would not have been possible.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors Real World Technology Solutions and Hosted Continuity who have made significant donations to Elim Kids.

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation. Each cent given goes directly to help HIV children in China.

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Day 49: The World’s longest chocolate milk tour retrospective

We are sitting here in Brooklyn eager to head out on our last ride tomorrow. We can’t wait to ride with a bunch of friends including those from our club.

Tomorrow Daniel will become the youngest person to cycle across Australia riding his Specialized Amira from Cottesloe Beach in Perth on the Indian Ocean to Terrigal Haven on the Pacific Ocean. It’s been a great trip with too much to express in my short time before I try and sleep (keep an eye out for a book later). So in this post we wanted to share some of our favourite photos with you.

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We still have a few pictures we want to add tomorrow to make this story complete.