Day 46: Sickness Slows Progress

We have cut today short after Daniel started vomiting at lunch time. He managed to ride another 17km to the nearest town with accommodation, Bundanoon. We are resting here at The Ravensworth (thanks to Jenny who donated tonight’s accommodation) but the vomiting continues. We are unsure at the moment how this will affect the trip. We are hoping and praying that this will be short lived and we can keep moving tomorrow. We have some room in our schedule to absorb a delay.

Today wasn’t all bad though. We had a good breakfast and cleaned our bikes this morning thanks to Peter at The Green Grocer Cycling Cafe in Goulburn. We also saw an echidna up close.


2 Replies to “Day 46: Sickness Slows Progress”

  1. You guys are sleeping as I’m writing this…I’m praying God heals that belly and you have strength and a clear head to move on tomorrow- or if needed wisdom to rest a bit more. So proud of you guys!!! Wish I could be there when you ride in!!!! love ya

    1. Thanks Aunty Bugs. Geoff got sick last night too (as are Carrie, Will and Sam). We are already feeling better though.

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