Day 45: Cruising in Capital Country

How would today go? The riding would be easy, but we had to say goodbye to our family today. They would drive with us to Gunning where we would leave the Hume after having a nice lunch with them. They stayed with us a little further up the hill before returning home.

We were now in a really nice groove with our riding. Just cruising along. We didn’t have any big days left. We can do shorter days and really enjoy the ride. We can take in the scene and choose routes that are not the fastest, but a quality bike ride.


We also met Tim in Gunning, a friend who lives in Canberra who was going to ride with us today. He drove to Goulburn and was going to ride towards as we made our way along back roads. This added a few K’s to our journey, but the countryside was beautiful and enjoyable to ride through.

We met Tim and rode into Goulburn for a milkshake at The Green Grocer, a well known bike shop here. We ended up riding 96km and climbing 1,216m, a little longer than the direct route, but very enjoyable.

Below our route for tomorrow.


We are getting close. Daniel is excited to be so close to finishing this epic ride across Australia. We are looking forward to the ride together for the finish with club members and friends.

4 Replies to “Day 45: Cruising in Capital Country”

  1. I so wish i was there to cheer you at the end. You have done such an amazing job, well done to you both esp Dan

  2. I’m so glad your day ended well. It was hard to say goodbye, but good knowing you’ll be home to is soon! So excited you’re nearly here.

  3. Hi Daniel,
    Not long to go now. You’ll have to write a book about your amazing trip. See you in Terrigal on Saturday, I’ll bring my bike.
    From Malachy

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