Day 41: Wearily made it to Wagga Wagga

Today was one of our hardest days so far. We knew the 160km to Wagga Wagga would be long, but the wind decided to make it even harder than we’d hoped.

We had a plan and stuck to it. Today the urge to stop steadily increased throughout the day. The incoming trucks and their shockwave didn’t help the motivation as we stopped dead each time one passed.

Kudos to Dan today. It was our longest ride time. We had hills and lots of wind for a imperial century and he did it like a champion. Every time I looked in my mirror he was there riding hard. He has earned any respect he gets today. Good work Dan.


Tonight we are resting at a friends place in Wagga Wagga. We look forward to the Hume tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Day 41: Wearily made it to Wagga Wagga”

  1. As always, I’m proud of you both on a tough day with hard winds and conditions. And you are one day closer to home. And only two sleeps till I see you 🙂

  2. Yes, exceptional achievement, Dan! Pretty good effort on your part too, Geoff! Great to hear you guys have made it to Wagga safely! Hay Public School says…woo hoo!

    1. Eddie are you going to come and ride the finish with us from Brooklyn to Terrigal next Saturday?

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