Day 40: Bigger than Le Tour De France

[wpvideo 8folVHV6]
This wind was blowing strongly this morning. Our thoughts turned to those to the North East of us who were expecting a devastating day with the bush fires. We are glad it didn’t get as bad as they feared.

Before leaving Hay we visited the local primary school. Thanks to Hay public for hosting us. The kids had a lot of good questions for us before we left.

As we headed East across the Hay plains we cruised at 30kph without too much trouble. We now were following the Murrumbidgee River more closely. We were looking forward to visiting the area a friend grew up in and staying with her parents at Darlington Point.

As we look at how far we’ve traveled across the country we are amazed. Daniel has ridden so far now. He’s ridden further than the 2013 Le Tour De France which was 3404km. Admittedly they did it a little quicker than us!

We are off to bed early as we are hoping to make it to Wagga Wagga tomorrow, 160km away.


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  1. Enjoy Wagga Wagga and remember “noodling” down the Murrumbidgee River. Take care in the heat

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