Day 39: Across the Hay Plains to a warm welcome

20131022-224346.jpgIt was time to put on some distance again. We had a big task in front of us – 400km in 3 days. Partly motivated by the desire to get closer to home with some time up our sleeve and partly because of the spacing of towns here.

Balranald – Hay: 133km
Hay – Darlington Point: 115km
Darlington Point – Wagga Wagga: 159km

We headed East into the wind. It wasn’t strong in the morning, but it was enough to keep our average below 20kph. We slogged a couple of hours into the wind before it showed any signs of weakening. The countryside changed to the Hay Plains. Wide open plains with few trees on it. It felt very different to the Nullarbor, the land around us was farming land, wool, beef and corn and most recently cotton.

Stopping at lunch I check for coverage and found a comment from a Hay local. Apparently her husband and son were hoping to meet us at the gate to a farm about 40ks West of Hay. We looked at the time and each other and thought of a cold drink. We rode and watched the K’s pass until we finally met these mysterious trail angels. Tom and his son Will offered us a cold can of drink and some water. They offered to show us around town later in the day. Refreshed and having replaced some energy we used the now tail winds to ride into town at over 30kph, making up for our slow start this morning.


We ended up getting the insider tour of Hay along with some insights into its history before having our first home cooked meal in over 5 weeks. We both enjoyed the company, food and a chance to feel normal.

Thanks to these strangers who made themselves known to us and welcomed us.

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  1. Hi Geoff and Dan,

    So excited you got to meet up with my brother Tom, sister-in-law Fiona and my niece and nephew, Kate and Will. I love the serendipitous moments in life – I found your blog after some random googling the other day (I am embarking on the Great Vic Bike Ride next month with my three sons aged 11, 13 & 15). I called Fiona to let her know and also the local Hay paper, The Riverine Grazier. What an excellent adventure you are both on. I wished the boys and I could have met you too.

    All the best for the rest of your trip.

    Kind regards
    Annie Barr

    1. Hi Annie,

      We thoroughly enjoyed meeting your family. All the best for your ride with your sons. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      I’m sure you guys will have a great adventure. It won’t all be easy, but it will be a worthwhile memory.


  2. Hi Daniel and Geoff, How like the Aussies to welcome you to a town and give you a drink. God bless Tom and Will! I loved seeing the pic of you both riding together and the one of Daniel with the trail angels. Did you have Tom take that for you? We are cheering you on half a world away! Love to you both! Nana

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