Day 34: Into Victoria on a very Windy day

Strong winds pummeled us as we struggled to leave Renmark. It seemed South Australia didn’t want to let us go. We rode about 20kms with strong side winds and head winds doing less than 10kph at times. But the road turned East and we enjoyed being pushed by the wind over the border.

We crossed over the border into our 3rd state and 4th time zone. We are now in the same time zone as home.

[wpvideo 85pvf6P7]

We cycled 142km and feel pretty good. We must be getting stronger. About 3/4
of the trip has been completed. We have sampled many different varieties of flavoured milk.

Mildura will serve as a resupply and rest point for us before we embark on the last leg of our journey across the continent.

We currently think we will finish at Terrigal haven on Sat 2nd of November. All are welcome to cheer Daniel in and finish the ride with him. More details will come when we are closer.

Today we saw our first road sign for Sydney, won’t be long now.


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  1. That sign makes it a whole lot more real that you are nearly home! Clan Mallo is SO proud of you. Rest well as you refuel, restock and drink flavored milk 😉

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