Day 30: Crazy winds are blowing us off the road

[wpvideo spd4H8iJ]

We headed out today expecting some head winds, but we got more than we expected. There were quite a few storm cells coming though. We got wet shortly after leaving Port Germein.

We stopped 20K’s down the road to watch the radar. Just happens it was a smoked fish and all sorts of home made goodies place. We had some whiting for lunch then got some smoked Tuna for dinner and kangaroo mettwurst.

It looked like clearing up so we continued down the road. Another cell came through and the side winds were incredible. Along with the trucks passing us we decided it was too dangerous to keep riding. We hid the the lee of the bikes panniers for 20mins as the cell passed (video above).

We stopped at the next town having only ridden 46K’s today. We did get a good game of giant sized chess and are cooking up a storm now (pun intended).

A decision is ahead of us now, which way should we head To Renmark? Down the highway into more head on winds, or through the mountains?

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