Day 28: Arrived in Port Augusta


With the promise of a watching a movie we cycled 124km today to Port Augusta. The morning stared out cold, but it was a perfect day for putting on the miles.

We loved seeing the Flinders Range come into view as we approached the town. We were glad we didn’t have to climb the range.

We made it with enough time to have a much needed shower and get popcorn for the film.

Thanks everyone for your messages and encouragement. Thanks to Daniels class 3/4R. We’ll see you soon.

5 Replies to “Day 28: Arrived in Port Augusta”

  1. You’re doing great!!! Can’t believe you’re already halfway and headed home! Daniel- what’s been your favorite day so far?

  2. We’ve been reading and amazed by this journey. What a fantastic adventure for you both! Love from all the Schepels

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