Day 17: Happy Birthday Dan

Dan turned 10 today and what a way to celebrate. We rode 116km to Mundrabilla roadhouse before lunch time. We enjoyed the tail winds and did the 116km in 3 hours 41 minutes, that’s averaging 31.5kph.

We’ve just had an all day breakfast at the roadhouse of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns and sausages. The staff brought out an ice-cream sundae for Dan complete with sparkler.

We considered riding the 65km to Eucla later today but Dan wants to stay here the night. Some rain has just arrived so we’ll stay here the night and watch a movie together this afternoon.

The Mundrabilla roadhouse is one of the most cyclist friendly we’ve come across. They’ve offered drinkable water for our water bottles and tea and coffee for free. It’s quite modern and worth planning as one of your stops along the way.

5 Replies to “Day 17: Happy Birthday Dan”

  1. Happy Birthday .Pleased to hear you have had a good day and yummy breakfast. Sorry we for cut off this am . Love you
    Nanpa xx

  2. Well done on your very fast effort today boys! I hope you have great tailwinds tomorrow too. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Daniel. We missed you and thought of you throughout the day. Sleep well tonight.

  3. Happy Birthday Daniel! We’re enjoying following your ride from Indiana–I was friends with your mom a LONG time ago! 🙂 I love that you got ice cream with a sparkler on it, my boys were jealous (I have 4 boys ages 10-3).

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