Day 13: A tough day on the Nullarbor

We’re both zoning out at Caiguna roadhouse eating dinner after our toughest day yet. We are 132km from our camp last night on Australia’s straightest road.

Today started with cross on winds which kept us going slowly. We planned our breaks every 20ks to give us something to look forward it. It got up to 31c.

Dan rode well today. A good attitude and enough determination to get through the hard bits. This is why I think he can do this ride. He dug in, complained a little, but rode 132ks into the wind on a hot day through a very arid and exposed landscape.


We’re now 1,158km into our trip. Our daily average (including rest days) is 89.1km. We’ve been riding for 12 days with one day rest. To finish in 6 weeks we need to ride 98k per day for the rest of the trip. In the last 3 days we’ve ridden 375km.

Thanks for everyone’s comments and well wishes. It is certainly encouraging.

Time for bed 😉

3 Replies to “Day 13: A tough day on the Nullarbor”

  1. So proud of you! How amazing that your determination and effort has gotten you this far. We are praying for you daily. Last night, S prayed you would ‘have enough energy and strength in your muscles to ride all the way’.

    You are both so inspiring!

  2. Incredible mate. He is one boy that alot of adults will look up to. And your amazing dude for helping him live out a dream… Keep it happening….

  3. Nice Blog. Been following your progress for about a week now.. I am doing a very similar trek in a few months. And what a gift for young Dan! Good luck & safe travels.

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