On the Nullarbor at last

So much of our trip preparation was getting ready for the Nullarbor. The iconic bit of bitumen goes for about 1,200km. It is supposed to be flat, however our first day had a few hills. We spent the day going up and down gentle hills. The ones you won’t notice when you’re in a car but when you’re pushing a bike with enough supples to camp for 2 weeks and 20 litres of water you quickly notice the speed drop. We climbed to about 500m above sea level, pushed along most of the day by the wind. Gusty cross winds kept us on edge as my bike now handles like a road train.

The stars out here are amazing. They remind me of the stars I saw growing up, which I now miss living on the Coast. The clouds cleared nicely at the end of the day so we could do some star gazing before bedtime.

Up early we’ve headed 60ks to Balladonia roadhouse for brunch. We saw the last parts of the American Skylab that crashed to earth near here. Now back on the bikes to another bush camp. We bought 10 litres of water for $13.50 to keep me slow up any hill. It was nice to connect with home and hear Dan’s in the local paper today. This afternoon we’ll ride our 1,000km and be 1/4 of the way home.