Day 10: First mechanical threatens trip

We had a great start, riding at 7am and making good ground in the gusty side winds. Before we had set out I lubbed the chains, thinking the bikes had done well. Secretly I hoped we’d make it all the way home without anything except a barrel adjust on the rear derailleur.

30km outside Norseman we stopped for a quick break when Dan said “Dad are those bolts supposed to be missing?”


I checked his front chainring, only two bolts of five were left. Somehow we’d managed to vibrate loose the other three. The bike was still rideable, but if we loose one more then it’s not. Suddenly 30ks seemed a lot further than normal. That would take more than a day to walk with our bikes.

I tightened the remaining two and we nursed the bike into Norseman. I knew there wasn’t a bike shop or likely anything that we could get here. We could get some posted, catch a bus to Esperance and hopefully get some there, or we could canabalise another bike.

The local hardware shop sold bike stuff, but no surprises they didn’t have any chainring bolts. The bike they sold were cheap and had riveted chainrings.

Leaving the hardware store we bumped into a lady and chatted about our trip. Many people have been interested, especially seeing such a small kid riding such as massive effort. It turned out they had some bikes on the back of their caravan. We got one off his mountain bike and tightened the remaining ones.


Thanks for your help guys.

Mum back at home is going to post a new set to a roadhouse along the way. We have re-supplied here in Norseman including finding a wall USB charger. Ours had decided to die in Coolgardie leaving us with only solar charging and two cloudy days. Now we’re charging up ready for some big days. We start the Nullarbor tomorrow. 20130923-175325.jpg

We saw some of the most amazing wildflowers today.

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      1. Hi Ed,

        We think alike. I haven’t yet implemented the zip tie solution though. We’ve marked the bolts so we can see if they move. Thanks. Geoff

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