Day 9: The Nullarbor is in sight

We both slept well in the motel at Coolgardie, it felt luxurious after being in the tent for so many days. Today was a big day in Coolgardie, it was their annual Coolgardie Day Festival, which Dan has been waiting for. We had a look around, ate a bratwurst, went on a ride and meet some interesting people into bikes and land yachts (and one kite buggy guy). As soon as we had headed out the door we were slammed by the wind. It was gusty and horrible.

Riding out of town the wind was howling. We averaged 29kph and hit speeds over 38 on the flat while barely peddling. Soon the rain came, we’d be riding the front of a storm cell. We stopped to put on our jackets as the skies opened up. Afterwards the wind shifted. We had little tail wind for the rest of the day and strong side winds blowing us off the road. A number of times we ended up on the gravel, it was quite physical to keep the bikes up. No wind would have been much easier.

We rode 90km after leaving late. Only 78 or so tomorrow to get to Norseman for our big resupply before the Nullarbor. We’re bush camping and seeing some pretty awesome stars tonight.


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