6 Replies to “Video: Dan’s Bike”

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  2. Nana and Apa are so happy you have such a fine bike with that big mirror to see what’s behind you and the blinking lights on the back. You did a wonderful job telling about your bike, Daniel. Hope your cold is not a bad one. Love you, Nana

  3. To Dan I hope your cold doesn’t get too cold. I like your new bike like mine. I’m happy for you and I hope you don’t get run over by a Road Train. Dad, I love you guys very much. How many Road Trains have you seen? Don’t give up. People think you are both very brave and good at doing this. love, Linnhe

    To Dan I hope you don’t get too tired on the way home. And I hope you have a good sleep tonight. I love you. I miss you really lots. I’ll celebrate my birthday with you when you get home. I love Daddy and Daniel. I hope Daddy sleeps well tonight too. Love, Sam

    Hey you two! What a fantastic video! So proud of you both. Looks like you had a fun zero day. Will misses you too.

    Love, the Mallo clan 🙂

    1. Thanks guys, on Wednesday we saw 26 road trains. Hope you have a good birthday Sam. Wow Sam you’re 5 years old. See you soon.

      Dad and Dan

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