Raising money for HIV+ children in China

There are an estimated 100,000 children in China with HIV. Often outcasts to society they are left in orphanages and isolated in closed rooms resembling more of a cell than a place for a child to grow up.

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The HIV virus is poorly understood and drives fear among China. The World Health Organization and Chinese government pay for medicine to treat the virus, but like modern day lepers these children have no chance of living productive and happy lives.

How do they get HIV?
Some of the children get HIV through their parents who have contracted the virus by giving blood and then receiving unscreened blood back. These are often from the poorest villages.

Can they go to school?
In some provinces before going to preschool children are screened. Any child with HIV is not allowed to go to school.

What is their chance of living a normal life?
With advances in medicine someone with HIV can live a long life and be a productive member of society. However these children are not given this opportunity.

Are they contagious?
You can only catch the virus by sharing bodily fluids such as blood. An HIV positive child could play safely alongside your kid sharing toys without any concern.

What does Elim Kids Do?
The main focus of Elim Kids is to find a caring home where these children can grow up. Some have been adopted into Western families and some live with Chinese families. They can then receive education and begin a more normal life.

The doctors at Elim help with education about HIV in communities to help diminish the stigma.

Alongside other help practical help is provided to caregivers.

All donations go directly to the work with children. They are tax deductible.

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