What I’m looking forward to most!

I’m looking forward to seeing the stars and whales on my trip across Australia. When we see the stars there will be no light pollution from big cities so we can see the stars easily. We will see the whales and stars on the Nullarbor.

Nullarbor means no trees, in Latin null means empty and arbor means trees.

We will see lots of whales. At the head of the bight on the Nullarbor we will see Southern Right Whales breeding and playing.


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  1. Hey Dan, really interested to hear about you’re upcoming adventure. Many years ago I actually spent 7 months living on the Nullarbor. I was a governess for a young boy who did School of the Air. We lived on a humongous sheep station called ‘Rawlinna’. You’ll go past the southern end of the station but the homestead is 100km north on the train line.

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