What about Road Trains?

Road Train on the NullarborMost people who have travelled the Nullarbor before us say “are you worried about the road trains?”

Well, yes I am. Who know’s how many tonnes are hurtling down the road at 110kph ready to buzz two cyclists. But looking at bit more rationally at it I think this is something we can approach intelligently and not be paralysed by fear.

So I spent some time reading blogs of others and searching about the best approach to road trains and cyclists. How (can) we be safe around them? It turns out the Western Australian government has published a booklet for cyclist wanting to ride the Nullarbor.

My summary is Get out of the way of road trains.

A little more of the strategy we’ll be using is:

  1. Move off the road when a road train is approaching (they’ll blow their horn). We plan to move off the road no matter what, not just when there’s oncoming traffic etc.
  2. Wear day glow fluro captain safety yellow shirts
  3. Have mirrors on the bikes so we can easily be aware of what’s behind us
  4. If in doubt get off the road

We won’t be doing the sorts of things that will increase our danger levels such as travelling at night.