Across Australia!

I’m riding across Australia with my dad. I’m ten years old. My trip will start on the 14/9/13. We are hoping to do it in about 5 weeks, that’s averaging 130 km a day! We will start in Perth and Finish in Sydney after riding about 4,000km. We are doing it for fun and for a record. We are doing it on bicycles.

4 Replies to “Across Australia!”

  1. Wow Daniel that is a massive task, and good on your dad too. I reckon you can do it, and hope you will do a blog of your journey so we can see how you are tracking each week Sandy xo

  2. Daniel!! I’m so excited for you!!! I’m going to keep checking in on you from the US!!! Love and miss!!! Auntie Bugs 🙂

  3. Hi Dan Hope You’r Having a Great Ride. Amazing Bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pirate Day Was Awesome Mr Harris walked the plank and was in Davy Jones lockup!
    Pretty cool hey
    From your best Buddy *James* 🙂

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