Raising money for HIV+ children in China

There are an estimated 100,000 children in China with HIV. Often outcasts to society they are left in orphanages and isolated in closed rooms resembling more of a cell than a place for a child to grow up.

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The HIV virus is poorly understood and drives fear among China. The World Health Organization and Chinese government pay for medicine to treat the virus, but like modern day lepers these children have no chance of living productive and happy lives.

How do they get HIV?
Some of the children get HIV through their parents who have contracted the virus by giving blood and then receiving unscreened blood back. These are often from the poorest villages.

Can they go to school?
In some provinces before going to preschool children are screened. Any child with HIV is not allowed to go to school.

What is their chance of living a normal life?
With advances in medicine someone with HIV can live a long life and be a productive member of society. However these children are not given this opportunity.

Are they contagious?
You can only catch the virus by sharing bodily fluids such as blood. An HIV positive child could play safely alongside your kid sharing toys without any concern.

What does Elim Kids Do?
The main focus of Elim Kids is to find a caring home where these children can grow up. Some have been adopted into Western families and some live with Chinese families. They can then receive education and begin a more normal life.

The doctors at Elim help with education about HIV in communities to help diminish the stigma.

Alongside other help practical help is provided to caregivers.

All donations go directly to the work with children. They are tax deductible.

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What I’m looking forward to most!

I’m looking forward to seeing the stars and whales on my trip across Australia. When we see the stars there will be no light pollution from big cities so we can see the stars easily. We will see the whales and stars on the Nullarbor.

Nullarbor means no trees, in Latin null means empty and arbor means trees.

We will see lots of whales. At the head of the bight on the Nullarbor we will see Southern Right Whales breeding and playing.


Media Release

10 year old to bicycle across Australia

Daniel Mallinson will set out to be the youngest to cycle from Perth to Sydney on the 14th September with his father Geoff. If successful he will set the record as being the youngest to make a trans-Australian content crossing by 5 years, having his 10th birthday on the journey. Leaving Perth they will head across Western Australia through Kalgoorlie then across the famous Nullarbor plains into South Australia then on to Sydney.  They will ride approximately 4,000 km over 5-6 weeks.

Previously Daniel has hiked the iconic Australian bushwalk The Overland Track when 8 years old including climbing Tasmania’s highest mountain Mt Ossa (1,617m). He cycles regularly, racing with Central Coast Cycling Club. Geoff is passionate about the outdoors and adventure and was the first to climb all 26 Australian mountains over 2000m in one go in 2012 (A2K).

They will be raising funds for HIV+ children in China through the work of ELIM Kids (GO China). This small not-for-profit helps children who have been abandoned who have contracted the virus by helping to provide a loving home, antiviral medication and an education for orphans with HIV in China. These children are the “lowest of the low” and in an orphanage are isolated from other children and forbidden to attend school or preschool.

Updates will be available during their journey on their blog (http://danmallo.com) including satellite tracking, short videos and photos.

Blog – http://danmallo.com
FAQ – http://danmallo.com/faq


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Interviews and photos available on request.


Cycling Records

Interesting records in cycling.

Who is the youngest person to ride a bike across Australia?
The youngest person to ride a bike across Australia was Jack Sinclair at 15 years old in 2008. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Sinclair

Who is the youngest person to ride a bike?
The youngest person to ride a bike is Tod Sleeman who first rode when he was 18 months and 3 days old in 1991. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_youngest_person_to_ride_a_bicycle#page1

The fastest to cycle across Australia
Wolfgang Fasching is the fastest to ride across Australia in 2007 taking only 7 days, 19 hours, 47 min to ride from Perth to Sydney.

First to cycle around the world
Thomas Stevens was the first to cycle around the world in 1884 riding a Penny-Farthing.

Fastest speed on a bike
Fred Rompelberg is the fastest on a bike at 287kph behind a motor vehicle. See a whole lot more crazy speed records on Wikipedia.

What about Road Trains?

Road Train on the NullarborMost people who have travelled the Nullarbor before us say “are you worried about the road trains?”

Well, yes I am. Who know’s how many tonnes are hurtling down the road at 110kph ready to buzz two cyclists. But looking at bit more rationally at it I think this is something we can approach intelligently and not be paralysed by fear.

So I spent some time reading blogs of others and searching about the best approach to road trains and cyclists. How (can) we be safe around them? It turns out the Western Australian government has published a booklet for cyclist wanting to ride the Nullarbor.

My summary is Get out of the way of road trains.

A little more of the strategy we’ll be using is:

  1. Move off the road when a road train is approaching (they’ll blow their horn). We plan to move off the road no matter what, not just when there’s oncoming traffic etc.
  2. Wear day glow fluro captain safety yellow shirts
  3. Have mirrors on the bikes so we can easily be aware of what’s behind us
  4. If in doubt get off the road

We won’t be doing the sorts of things that will increase our danger levels such as travelling at night.

Across Australia!

I’m riding across Australia with my dad. I’m ten years old. My trip will start on the 14/9/13. We are hoping to do it in about 5 weeks, that’s averaging 130 km a day! We will start in Perth and Finish in Sydney after riding about 4,000km. We are doing it for fun and for a record. We are doing it on bicycles.