Day 4: Zero Day

Ahoy Matey. We hope ye all have a mighty fine day at Point Clare Public School all talking like me matey’s parrot. Arrr Thank you for all me shipmates support for Chinese HIV+ orphans.

Today was a rest day for me and my capt’n. I have been coming down with a cold like a bilge rat drinking sea water so we didn’t do any riding today. We did some food shopping, and made a video on my trusty ship bike.

Tomorrow we hope to hoist our sails and set sail on smooth seas. The for’cast is for a beauty of a down wind-der.

(For those not following it’s international talk like a pirate day)

Video: Dan’s Bike

[wpvideo xDqnrw9p]

Today is a rest day as Dan is starting to get a cold so he thought he would send you this video about his bike.

Sorry about the wind noise.

Day 3. Rolling hills and gusty winds


Today we cracked the 100k barrier for the first time this trip, woohoo. The hills became easier and less sharp. The whole day saw strong winds from our left hand side/back. They certainly pushed us along some with a higher average speed. But the strong side gusts also made keeping a bike out of the way of passing road trains more difficult.

Today we saw 16 road trains. We’ve been riding through some very beautiful farmland which is the WA wheat
Belt. We’re now in Kerraberrin with more storm fronts coming through and the best $12 dinner (for both of us) that you’ve ever seen.


Our muscles are pretty tired. We’re watching our soreness and thinking about when we should have a bit of a rest day. The rain has now arrived.

Distance: 102km
Elevation: 500m or so (the garmin is back at camp)

Day 2. Mundaring to Northam

Today saw more hills than yesterday. Lots of climbing and descending with a heavy bike. We’re definitely away from Perth now.

920m elevation

A chocolate milk, snickers, banana, BBQ chook, croissants, rice crackers, muesli bar and a few other food items later.


Day 1

Our first day went well. With showers and occasional thunderstorms around we had a lazy morning leaving Applecross around 8:45. We headed West to Cottesloe beach, our most Westerly point to get some photos and water from the Indian Ocean to drag across the continent. A storm cell decided to pass us too close for my liking, but at least the wind was mostly behind us. Then we were led by Marty our trusted local and a friend from way back through some Perth back streets and bike paths, past the city and out to Midlands.

Being a bit wet we headed inside for some lunch. Then it was off to the foot of the hill where our guide would leave us. We started up the hill on the bike path while that latest. Unfortunately it wasn’t as long as we’d like. After battling with no shoulders, rain and quickly dropping temperatures and then riding on soggy gravel with a heavy bike we finally made it to Mundaring. We stopped in at the local supermarket to get some basic supplies. Feeling soft we headed to a nearby motel for a hot shower and a chance to dry out.

Distance: 70km
Elevation gain 609m
4:12 hours riding
Marty’s house (Applecross) – Cottesloe Beach – Mundaring

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“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

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