Riding to Hope1032 for a studio interview

Bike track at last!

Today we pass by Hope1032’s studios where we’ll stop and speak with Katrina Roe. Listen online at http://www.hope1032.com.au/shows/listen-to-hope-1032/

It will be between 11am and 12pm

Daniel riding along the Hume highway. Traffic
Doesn’t bother us too much now.

Radio interview today 11:25-11:40

You can listen to us on Hope1032 with Katrina Roe today between 11:25 and 11:40. You can listen online so if you aren’t in Sydney listen online.


Finishing at Terrigal on Saturday 2 November

We are planning on finishing on Saturday 2nd November between 11am and 12 noon at Terrigal Haven. All are invited to cheer him on.

Dan will have:

  • Ridden over 4,100km
  • Climbed about 18,000m
  • Spent about 196 hours on his bike
  • Drunk over 30 litres of chocolate milk

You can join a bunch ride from Hawkesbury River on Saturday morning with us. We’d like as many as possible to join us. You’ll need to be able to ride at 20-25kph. Alternatively you can join along the route such as West Gosford or Erina.

Children will be able to ride a lap of the Haven with Daniel.

BYO picnic or get some fish and chips from the local shop.

Details and updates on the Facebook Event.

Please consider sharing this with other like minded people.

Day 37: Hot in Western NSW

We knew today was going to be hot so we packed up early to ride an easy 80km to Balranald. Our minds were focused on the cold drink and ice cream we’d get as a reward for our efforts. The temperature on the GPS hit 42C (in the sun so it would read higher than the air temperature).

The day went quickly as we played games. We arrived at lunch time and had our cold drink and ice cream then we relaxed in air conditioning and watched the Australian motoGP at Philip Island.

It’s going to be hot again tomorrow. We have to ride across the Hay plains 132km so we are working out the best way to approach that.

[wpvideo kBkaI4cf]

Day 30: Crazy winds are blowing us off the road

[wpvideo spd4H8iJ]

We headed out today expecting some head winds, but we got more than we expected. There were quite a few storm cells coming though. We got wet shortly after leaving Port Germein.

We stopped 20K’s down the road to watch the radar. Just happens it was a smoked fish and all sorts of home made goodies place. We had some whiting for lunch then got some smoked Tuna for dinner and kangaroo mettwurst.

It looked like clearing up so we continued down the road. Another cell came through and the side winds were incredible. Along with the trucks passing us we decided it was too dangerous to keep riding. We hid the the lee of the bikes panniers for 20mins as the cell passed (video above).

We stopped at the next town having only ridden 46K’s today. We did get a good game of giant sized chess and are cooking up a storm now (pun intended).

A decision is ahead of us now, which way should we head To Renmark? Down the highway into more head on winds, or through the mountains?

Day 28: Arrived in Port Augusta


With the promise of a watching a movie we cycled 124km today to Port Augusta. The morning stared out cold, but it was a perfect day for putting on the miles.

We loved seeing the Flinders Range come into view as we approached the town. We were glad we didn’t have to climb the range.

We made it with enough time to have a much needed shower and get popcorn for the film.

Thanks everyone for your messages and encouragement. Thanks to Daniels class 3/4R. We’ll see you soon.

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